Helping preserve the rich history of Briercrest, Saskatchewan

We believe and recognize that our community is a product of our past. We believe it is vitally important to preserve our heritage, and to honour and acknowledge the hard work and achievements of those who came to Briercrest in the early 1900's.

The collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the community were originally housed in the Briercrest Hall on Main Street. This building was the former Briercrest Community Centre and Theatre It was built in 1938 and had become a Museum in 1987. An addition was added in 1999.

The closing of the Briercrest School lent an opportunity for the museum board members to negotiate the conversion of the school at 400 Main Street (south end of Main) into the new site for the museum. It was decided to use each classroom as a theme. In this way there could be a distinction between categories in the entire collection and still retain an unifying theme of the development of the Briercrest community from its most early origins.

The museum had its Grand Opening at the end of June, 2012.

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  • Welcome Sign


    View of the welcome sign to the village of Briercrest..

    Old School
  • The Old Briercrest School


    The school building became available and made an ideal location in which to move the museum.

    Old School
  • Front of the Museum


    A new sign was cut from metal and placed in front of the museum.

    Old School
  • The Metal Sign of the Museum


    Close up of the metal sign.

    Old School
  • The Old Farmyard


    A classroom representing the early farming era became "The Old Farmyard".

    Old School
  • The General Store


    The entrance to the The General Store room.

    Old School
  • The General Store


    The General Store sold a wide variety of dry goods.

    Old School
  • The Ice Cream Parlour


    A great place to enjoy a cold treat on a hot summer day.

    Old School

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News Update

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We have been approved for charitable registration under the Income Tax Act. Receipts will now be given for cash donations.

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