The Briercrest Museum

Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 13, 2020,
Briercrest Museum Heritage Day

  • More information to folow.

    NOTICE:   We are open to hosting School Reunions at the Museum on Heritage Day.    Last year there was one and a perfect fit for that day.

  • Fall supper will be on October 18th. More information to follow.

Past Event

Briercrest Heritage Day June 08, 2019
Location:   Museum    

Past Event

Briercrest Heritage Day June 11, 2016
Location:   Museum    

Click here for a page with several pictures from 2016.

Special Notices

A Bouquet

My husband and I visited the museum this summer as part of the events during a family reunion. I was so touched by the many items from my family that you have incorporated in the exhibits. My father was the son of Lena and Bill Etherington (Bob Etherington). Unfortunately, he died at a young age and I was unable to learn much about his family.

The museum helped to fill in some gaps and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to visit the museum. Thank you to the many people who lovingly and creatively created the museum and continue to share the museum with others. Enclosed is a small token of appreciation for allowing us to visit the museum.
With many thanks,
Catherine Etherington, Ottawa, Ontario