Briercrest United Church

Briercrest United Church History. In early 1900's when the site of Briercrest was still unbroken
prairie grass and new homesteaders arrived, Sunday was always a day of worship in the one-roomed schools that were being built.

On July 2, 1912 a decision was made to "build a church" with a seating capacity of 250 to 275 people. Work went on through the fall and winter of 1912 and by the spring of 1913 finishing
work was proceeding. On the second Sunday in May, 1913, the Briercrest Methodist Church
was dedicated.

In June of 1925, the Briercrest Methodist church joined the union of Methodist, Presbyterian
and Congregational churches and became the Briercrest United Church.

In 2013 the Briercrest United Church celebrated its 100th anniversary. Soon after, plans were
made to demolish the deteriorating structure. Several items were moved to the Briercrest
Museum including benches, altar, pulpit, and many pictures and smaller items.

More information can be viewed at the Museum.